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2018年4月8日 : 4/8 Flower products!
CherryThe best this weekend.
To enjoying seeing cherry blossom a little cold-do not well!
Under the cherry tree still has not!

Heart happy ~ ♪ so come,
We came a lot of flowers or plants delivered

Introduce the 仕切remasenn...
Just tell you about just a little.

Introducing clockwise from top left, the.

Robust Petunia flower drama
Eremophila Nivea
Variegated Veronica

Calibracore Curry
Convolvulus cneorum
Double Primrose

Himalayan saxifrage
Gerberas spider
Helichrysum embaglou

Gilia reptans
Daria-La Bella Piccolo

It is the climate by the morning lows, still not alert.
Staff shop every day, watching the weather forecast,
Closing the flower we are trying out.

Come on, blossom Green station?In the Please enter.

Machida West in March of two staff members are
We have retired. It is both of you so leave it!
Sent in a small farewell party.
Thank you & happy ~

And February-March
4More new employees
Many still unfamiliar,
Sorry for the inconvenience and any inconvenience that
Thank you in advance.

It seems the farewell party!

2018年3月28日 : 3/28 Plant products!

Is gardening season

The flower I will introduce some of the.

Petunia Monroe walk

Singonansas Mikado (gold coin grass
* Greeted little Japanese!
But truly I Po bud the Golden Ball is (laughs)

Shikotan Hakob variegated

Petunia randner Jun Cui
* It is a lime green color beautiful petunias

Ranunculus Lux (seedlings)

Perennial Viola

Here we introduce only the product name.

Astilbe SeaStar
Campanula Tachyon
Eric MAM
Sun umbrellas and Crimson
Rock design
Princess deutzia
Fragrant olive wafted
Calibra core
Goldfish plant and forest marriage
Blake com-cherish
SIRENE uniflora
Lysimachia nummularia
Ajra lime
Lavender and wataboushi

And so on, there are still...

Come and visit us on, please see-not!

2018March, 13. : 3/13 Flowers in spring stock info!
In the warm weather today, it feels good!
Followed by a day like this, and I am happy! ~

Suppliers of plants here a couple of times,
Oita spring flowers in stock come with.
Just a little introduction in the photo.






Other osteospermum carpet or grass corner.
Erica (wataboushi) violareum
Angrostenma serignese, Mayor
Nemesia gigandium gum
Etc. is in stock now.

Also offering flowers for the spring equinox
出soromasu from tomorrow.

Amaryllis sale started!

And the deadline today!
This is a early discount registration in the equinoctial sympathy flowers.
17 th day before the spring equinox with the (Saturday)
Likely will be very busy.

Today, more than 2000 yen purchased the book
And 14-16,
Customers receive guests online
A gift voucher can be used at the store!

Come on, please.

And in the last 2 months late
March birthday staff
A total of four!
Celebrate with a cake
Hello everyone, happy birthday

2018年3月4日 : 3/4 Guide to the auction canceled
Good morning.

Today, I was going
Tomiya shop limited held auctions.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will stop.

We had been attending
Sorry for any inconvenience, but
Please note that.

(L) Sato of SATO gardening
There was misery.

Earlier this month, spring equinox, graduation, etc.
Entering the season, auction
So hard to take place next month and enjoy please wait.

Yesterday's purchase in the spring plants,
We are in stock now!

2018On February 14. : 2/14 Valentine's day
?Happy Valentine's day!♪ ♪

Today, in our shop
SIP chocolates as gifts are here!

Spring flowers continue to shop in stock now in!

I will introduce only a little.

Clematis viennetta-Garland series ~


From single flowering Kalanchoe


And underway!
Syndibium clearance sale
Soon as possible please ~.

From it that......

Points card member and mail membership available

"Ichigo" list price than100Circular argumentIt is.

Do not miss to no.